Fix XRE-10000 Error During Comcast/Xfinity X1 Activation

Comcast/Xfinity (or whatever they want to be called now) emailed me a month+ back and offered me the opportunity to upgrade our ancient 5-6 year old receivers to their new X1 Entertainment Operating System receivers.  Unfortunately, after plugging them in, we got hit with the error, “Give us a call.  Please call 866-512-2218 and we’ll […]

Group Policy ADMX and Management Console Downloads

I find myself constantly having to find ADMX files or the RSAT downloads whether for myself or for friends/colleagues that I’m helping solve a problem.  Rather than constantly searching for them, I’ve put together a [hopefully] full list of the RSAT and ADMX downloads for all of Microsoft’s products.  If you see something missing or […]

Strategies for Improving Slow Booting Managed Computers

Corporate-managed computers have this bad habit of being much slower than their personally-owned home use counterparts.  All of the Group Policy, login scripts, managed antivirus configuration, management tools, and software all contribute to slow the machines down over time and even when they’re brand and never been used by an end users. If your managed […]

Use Group Policy to Log Out Users After Inactivity

Shared or multi-user computers come with their own unique management issues.  Fast User Switching allows someone like a receptionist to leave programs running while taking breaks, but also allows other users of that same system to leave their applications running even when they may not return to the computer for hours or days later. With […]

The Case For and Against Antivirus on Hyper-V

Running antivirus on Hyper-V is a hot topic…  almost as hot as asking sysadmins which antivirus vendor they prefer.  Whether you’re in the “don’t install” or “must install” camp, make sure you’re making an informed decision and, should you install to install antivirus software on your Hyper-V servers, you have it configured correctly.