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Group Policy ADMX and Management Console Downloads

I find myself constantly having to find ADMX files or the RSAT downloads whether for myself or for friends/colleagues that I’m helping solve a problem.  Rather than constantly searching for them, I’ve put together a [hopefully] full list of the RSAT and ADMX downloads for all of Microsoft’s products.  If you see something missing or […]

Disable Adobe Reader XI Updates with Group Policy

Like Adobe Reader X, an installation of Adobe Reader XI can check for updates automatically. In a small environment, this may not be a problem (honestly, I would encourage it!). However, in a larger (typically managed) environment, this can generate unnecessary bandwidth usage, problems when users update their own installs with untested updates, and unnecessary […]

[Sort of] Manage Adobe Reader XI with Group Policy

When Adobe announced Adobe Reader XI a few weeks ago, one of the new features listed was the ability to [finally!] manage common enterprise settings with Group Policy. Previously, you had to do all of this by customizing your install with the Adobe Customization Wizard. If you didn’t do that, your other option was to […]

Disable Adobe Reader X updates with Group Policy

By default, an installation of Adobe Reader X will check for updates and then will prompt the end user to install the update whether or not the user has Admin rights. In a small environment, this may not be a problem, but in a larger environment, this can generate a lot of unnecessary support requests […]

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