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AppLocker Planning, Testing, and Deployment

In this series, I discuss AppLocker (application whitelisting/blacklisting) in Windows 7: Part 1:  Planning – Planning your AppLocker deployment including how to auto-generate rule and how to audit your rules first. Part 2:  Best Practices – Best Practices for writing your AppLocker rules. Part 3:  Testing – How to test your AppLocker rules before deploying […]

Group Policy Quick Tip – Enable Remote Desktop

Group Policy Quck Tips

Welcome to the first of what will [hopefully] be an ongoing feature here at Group Policy, Y’all!  After troubleshooting a Group Policy problem for someone (completely and totally unrelated to Remote Desktop), the person I was helping told me how he just kept forgetting to set this one setting for new PC’s.  A rather long […]

Implementing BitLocker with Active Directory

Here’s a series of articles I wrote for 4Sysops.com on setting up your Active Directory for BitLocker.  It includes the instructions, Best Practices from Microsoft, and tips & tricks: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Schema Update, ACE Settings, Password Recovery Viewer Part 3: Group Policy Settings Part 4: Encrypting Hard Disks Part 5: BitLocker to […]

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