Strategies for Improving Slow Booting Managed Computers

Corporate-managed computers have this bad habit of being much slower than their personally-owned home use counterparts.  All of the Group Policy, login scripts, managed antivirus configuration, management tools, and software all contribute to slow the machines down over time and even when they’re brand and never been used by an end users.

If your managed computers have started getting slow, you might want to take a step back and look into some things you can do to start speeding things up for your customers:


Use Group Policy to Log Out Users After Inactivity

Shared or multi-user computers come with their own unique management issues.  Fast User Switching allows someone like a receptionist to leave programs running while taking breaks, but also allows other users of that same system to leave their applications running even when they may not return to the computer for hours or days later.

With a free utility and some simple Group Policy, you can kill those idle sessions so that they don’t stay logged in for days or weeks at a time hogging system resources.




Folder Redirection

In this series, I cover folder redirection in Group Policy.

AppLocker Planning, Testing, and Deployment

In this series, I discuss AppLocker (application whitelisting/blacklisting) in Windows 7:


Implementing BitLocker with Active Directory

Here’s a series of articles I wrote for on setting up your Active Directory for BitLocker.  It includes the instructions, Best Practices from Microsoft, and tips & tricks: