Fix XRE-10000 Error During Comcast/Xfinity X1 Activation

Comcast/Xfinity (or whatever they want to be called now) emailed me a month+ back and offered me the opportunity to upgrade our ancient 5-6 year old receivers to their new X1 Entertainment Operating System receivers.  Unfortunately, after plugging them in, we got hit with the error, “Give us a call.  Please call 866-512-2218 and we’ll get this taken care of for you.  Device Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx  XRE-10000”  Three hours on the phone later, here’s how I was able to get it fixed.

Error XRE-10000 on a Comcast Xfinity X1 Receiver
Error XRE-10000 on a Comcast Xfinity X1 Receiver

Call Comcast

Here’s the part that isn’t fun… you HAVE to call the number on the screen.  I was able to get a live human being pretty quickly when I called around 10:00 AM on a Saturday in December.  If you’re an existing Comcast/Xfinity customer that is upgrading to X1 receivers, there is a rate code that needs to be adjusted on your account.  When you get a human being, tell them that you want them to check your “rate code.”  This seems to be a really common problem, but not all the operators know about it.  When I called, the first operator (Jamaican call center) was able to correct the issue on her end for my living room receiver, but transferred me to a U.S.-based call center for my bedroom receiver.  The U.S.-based operator was unaware of the issue and dispatched a tech even after I explained the issue to her.  If this happens to you, take the appointment with a tech but call back and get someone else.  A tech in your home is most likely going to call their internal number and do the same thing you could have done.  If you call them back you may be able to avoid having to wait for a tech to come out to your home.

Check the DVR

Make sure to check that your DVR is working if you’ve ordered it.  Our DVR was not working and I had to call back… again.  There is yet another activation that has to be performed on your account for your DVR.  The first operator may do it; or, you may have to call back again like I did.  Even after the activation of DVR on our account, it still didn’t work and the 3rd operator (Philippines call center) had to dispatch a tech.

Signal strength

The tech arrived at our house and determined that the signal we were getting in the house was low due to a bad splitter outside the house and that was causing some issues getting to the X1 service as well as the cloud DVR.  (As a side note, if anyone at Comcast does read this, the tech that came to our house was absolutely awesome!)  The X1 receivers apparently use the same frequencies as your cable modem and can be very sensitive to interference and bad infrastructure.  If the line from your house to the street isn’t the newer orange quad or tri shielded cable, it may be time to get them to run a new line to your house.   In our case, the receiver was so new that our tech couldn’t identify whether or not it was capable of DVR functionality.  He replaced our receiver and we tested everything before he left.  If you do have a tech come to your home, make sure that everything is working to your satisfaction before they leave or that you’ve got the work order information on any additional repairs they need to perform like replacing the amp outside your home or replacing the line to the street.

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  1. Janelle February 13, 2016 / 12:53 PM

    This worked, I had to call back, after the first person wanted to schedule for a tech to come out, and speak with a different agent to check the “rate code.” One thing I noticed is the serial number on the paper that came with the box is not the same as the one on the box so give them the one on the box.

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