Create a [Mostly] Automated Reference Image in MDT – Part 1: Prerequisites

When it comes to deploying an operating system to a computer, speed and accuracy are the name of the game.  If you’re installing applications that are common across your organization as tasks in your OS deploy or installing the latest Windows updates after the deploy finishes, you can save tons of time by using a reference image.
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AppLocker Planning, Testing, and Deployment

In this series, I discuss AppLocker (application whitelisting/blacklisting) in Windows 7:


Group Policy Quick Tip – Enable Remote Desktop Network Level Authentication

Following our last tip, today’s Group Policy Quick Tip is about adding additional security to Remote Desktop sessions on your computers.  Normally, an RDP session is established before authentication takes place.  Enabling Network Level Authentication (NLA) allows authentication to take place before the RDP session is established.

Group Policy Quick Tip – Enable Remote Desktop

Welcome to the first of what will [hopefully] be an ongoing feature here at Group Policy, Y’all!  After troubleshooting a Group Policy problem for someone (completely and totally unrelated to Remote Desktop), the person I was helping told me how he just kept forgetting to set this one setting for new PC’s.  A rather long discussion ensued about creating PC images, checklists, automated OS deployment, etc.  While we were talking, I realized that I take a lot of the settings that I typically put into my Computer and User policies for granted.  There are so many ‘set it and forget it’ settings that you literally set once and never think about again.  Today’s tip is for one of those setting that you should set and forget:  enabling Remote Desktop in Group Policy. Continue reading

Implementing BitLocker with Active Directory

Here’s a series of articles I wrote for on setting up your Active Directory for BitLocker.  It includes the instructions, Best Practices from Microsoft, and tips & tricks:

VMware Player and Group Policy Allow Log on Locally

You receive the following error message when trying to enter Unity on a guest virtual machine in VMware Player: The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode. Check that Unity is supported for this guest operating system and that the latest version of VMware Tools is installed.

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