TechEd North America 2012: Group Policy Reporting and Analysis with Windows PowerShell

Of the Group Policy sessions I attended at TechEd this year, this one was definitely my favorite.  The Group Policy Reporting and Analysis with Windows PowerShell session was presented by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz and PowerShell MVP Jeffrey Hicks.  Both Jeremy and Jeff are great presenters on their own, but putting them together on stage made for an awesome (and pretty entertaining) session!

First off, this was an 8:30 AM session… which was probably the only reason the room wasn’t completely packed.  The PowerShell sessions were in very high demand and typically got the prime mid-morning or mid-afternoon time slots.  Every session that had PowerShell somewhere in the title of the session was typically packed or pretty close to it. This session (like all of the PowerShell sessions I attended) was full of great information that I’ve already started using.


Many thanks to Jeremy for letting me use some of his pictures from the session since mine didn’t come out so great.  You can also head over to Jeffrey Hicks’ site for the PPT slides and his PowerShell code. Oh, and the session video from Channel 9 below does include video from the session.  So, you’ll get to enjoy the ‘Pointy Haired” Boss and Professor PowerShell just like those of us that were there in person!  Here are a few of the high points of this session (other than Jeremy in a viking helmet):

  • Generating a ‘paper record’ what is currently in Group Policy
  • Determining unused GPO’s
  • Determining when a GPO was edited last
  • Finding GPO’s with user, computer, or both sides disabled
  • Finding unlinked GPO’s
  • Finding GPO’s with “extra registry settings”


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